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Guitar Kickstarter

So, you have absolutely no knowledge and want to learn the basics that will allow you to play with confidence?

Do you want to get started right away with the most effective techniques that will let you play in front of others and impress your friends?

Dive right in!

Engagement Pill

Learn to master your brain and habits to be effective in your guitar practice.

You will learn my techniques to stay consistent and motivated to pick up the guitar, even in those days when everything seems to be working against you.

The Science of Guitar

Do you want to learn the physics of how a guitar works?

Do you want to learn the principles behind the technology on modern guitars so you will understand tech talk?

Guaranteed to answer all your questions!

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Time Hack

Having trouble finding the time to practice?

Don't know how to use the little time you already have to make it worthwhile?

Subscribe to receive this free gift and stop procrastinating!

Mastering the Guitar Pick

Do not dare to read this eBook, as you run the risk of becoming a master picker.

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