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If you are anything like me and you love rock and metal music, this is definitely where you want to start from.

In this crash course, you'll learn all the basic skills you need to be a good rock guitar player. These skills, of course, are not exclusive to rock music, but you'll definitely need all of these to play rock well.

Yes, trust me, it's what I use the most.

What you'll need

To take this course effectively, you'll need to know the following topics well:

You'll also need:

  • A guitar (duh!). If it's electric, then you'll also need:

    • An amp.​

    • Lead cable.

If you need help with getting your first guitar, read this.​

  • At least 3 hours of practice per week recommended. More is preferable, but consistency is best.

  • Badass attitude. If you are in desperate need of some, go watch any classic film featuring Marlon Brando, James Dean, or Clint Eastwood, and you'll learn.

You can go ahead and skip any lessons you feel you are already good at.

Yeah, I won't tell anyone.

Enough talk. Let's rock!

Learn how to use this fundamental skill for any rock style.

Power Chords

You can't rock without these, so you'd better get them down ASAP.

Palm Muting

Learning this technique will make your music punch like Iron Mike.

Open Chords

These chords are the most versatile yet easy to learn, and they will open a lot of doors for you.

Tight fingers.jpg

Barre Chords

These chords are a definite trial by fire for all guitarists, and yet they are fundamental to learn to play very well.


Coming soon!

Minor Pentatonic Scale

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

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